Melamine, Thermally Fused

Thermally fused melamine is an affordable substitute in projects that call for high pressure laminate in vertical or low-wear areas. Thermally fused melamine is manufactured with a melamine impregnated paper that is pressed or fused to a particleboard or MDF substrate with extreme heat. Veneer cores cannot be used during the fusing process, because the press and the heat will cause “blowout” within the core. Thermally fused melamine is readily available in White, Antique White, Almond, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Hard Rock Maple (Cabinet Maple), Pearwood, and Executive Cherry (Traditional Cherry). Special colors/patterns and panel sizes are available through special order.

1/4″ – 49x97
1/2″ – 49x97
5/8″ – 49x97, 61x97
3/4″ – 49x97, 61x97, 61x109
1″ – 49x97

Melamine, Cold Roll

For the individual that would like a more affordable product than thermally fused melamine, cold roll melamine is the best alternative. Cold roll melamine can have a veneer core substrate along with MDF or particleboard substrates. Cold roll melamine also should be used in a vertical or low-wear application where high pressure laminate or thermally fused melamine is not specified. Cold roll melamine is available through special order in a variety of colors and wood-grains.

logo_extiraMedium Density Fiberboard (MDF), Exterior (EXTIRA)

EXTIRA panels are sanded two sides for a smooth, unprimed surface that is moisture, rot, and termite resistant. This product is manufactured from sustainable materials and is no-added urea formaldehyde (NAUF). EXTIRA is backed by a 5-year limited warranty and can be used for virtually any non-structural paint grade application including exterior millwork, door and window parts, signage, garage doors and other architectural components.

1/2″ – 49x97, 25x194
3/4″ – 49x97, 49x194
1″ – 49x97
1-1/4″ – 49x97


Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Medium Density Fiberboard is a panel that is constructed by taking fine hardwood or softwood fibers and compressing them together with an adhesive under a heated press. MDF produces the flattest, most consistent panel with workable edges. MDF carries an average density of 49 lbs per cubic foot. CARB Phase I&II, No-added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF), Moisture Resistant (MR), Fire Rated (FR), and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified specifications can be met upon request.

1/8″ – 49x97
1/4″ – 49x97 Beaded 1.5″ OC
1/4″ – 49x97 G1S Painted White
1/4″ – 49x97, 61x97 3/8″ – 49x97, 61x97
1/2″ – 49x97, 49x121, 61x97, 61x121
5/8″ – 49x97, 49x121, 61x97, 61x121
11/16″ – 49x97, 49x121, 61x97, 61x145
3/4″ – 49x97, 49x121, 49x145, 61x97, 61x121, 61x145
15/16″ – 49x97, 61x97
1″ – 49x97, 61x97, 61x121
1-1/8″ – 49x97, 61x97
1-1/4″ – 49x97, 61x97


MDF, Double Refined (Door Grade)

Door grade MDF is designed specifically for painted and bladder pressed doors for the cabinet door industry. Quality standards on this product ensure better machineability with no raised fibers. This is achieved by a more uniform density throughout the board with a flatter profile. 1/2″ – 49x97, 61x97 5/8″ – 49x97, 61x97 3/4″ – 49x97, 61x97


MDF, Light & Ultra Light

Light weight MDF carries and average density of 34 lbs per cubic foot. It is specifically engineered for weight sensitive applications. The product provides a smooth, flawless surface, and a smooth density profile. Light weight MDF is an ideal choice for millwork and lamination applications where finished product weight is a concern. 1/2″ – 49x97, 49x121 5/8″ – 49x97, 49x121 3/4″ – 49x97, 49x121 1″ – 49x97

MDF, Shelving 3/4″ x 11-1/4″ x 145″ – Raw & White Redi-Shelf 3/4″ x 11-1/4″ x 194″ – Raw 3/4″ x 15-1/4″ x 145″ – White Redi-Shelf 3/4″ x 15-1/4″ x 194″ – Raw



Particleboard is constructed with small softwood or hardwood chips mixed with an adhesive, then pressed together under a heated press to the desired thickness. Particleboard is an excellent substrate for high pressure laminate or real wood veneers. Particleboard is the least expensive of the substrates available. Particleboard carries an average density of 49 lbs per cubic square foot. CARB Phase I&II, No-added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF), Moisture Resistant (MR), Fire Rated (FR), and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified specifications can be met upon request.

1/2″ – 49x97
5/8″ – 49x97
11/16″ – 49x97, 49x121, 61x97
3/4″ – 49x73, 49x97, 49x109, 49x121, 61x121
1″ – 49x97
1-1/8″ – 49x97, 61x97, 61x145

Countertop Material
3/4″ – 25x73, 25x97, 25x121, 25x145, 30x121, 30x145, 36x97, 36x121, 36x145

3/4″ – 12x144, 16x144 Square Edge



A full line of patented bendable substrates, lightweight structural panels and architectural panels. These products allow for the creation of numerous designs that open the opportunity to produce curves and innovative products as vast as your imagination. No matter what type of curve or lightweight needs you have, this is a product that can provide quicker results that are more accurate, with higher quality, and easier to fabricate than traditional methods.



1/8″ Tempered & Tempered painted white 1-side
1/4″ Tempered