Eastern White Pine


Abundant throughout the northeast, Eastern White Pine was originally used as masts for the King’s Royal Navy and in the homes of Colonists even before the Revolutionary War.

Eastern White Pine is available in a wide range of grades, and is appropriate for a variety of uses, and a favorite species for siding, paneling, furniture, trim details, moldings, packaging, millwork and flooring. The Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NeLMA) is the grading authority and rules writing agency for Eastern White Pine. The NeLMA grade stamp has long been the trusted symbol of quality and excellence since 1933.

As a renewable building material resource, Eastern White Pine is an environmentally smart choice for designers and builders. When compared to man-made building products, it is the obvious choice for performance in “green-minded” construction.

For more information: http://www.nelma.org



1x4 thru 1x12    S4S    C Select
5/4x4 thru 5/4x12    S4S    C Select
1x4 thru 1x12    S4S    D&Btr Select
5/4x4 thru 5/4x12    S4S    D&Btr Select
5/4x4 thru 5/4x12    S4S    Premium
1x4 thru 1x12    S4S    Ultra Prime
5/4x4 thru 5/4x12    S4S    Ultra Prime
1x4 thru 1x12    S4S    Finish
1x4 thru 1x12    S4S    Premium
5/4x4 thru 5/4x12    S4S    Premium
1x4 thru 1x12    S4S    Standard
1x4 thru 1x12    S1S2E    Standard
1x4 thru 1x12    S4S    Industrial
1x4 thru 1x12    S1S2E    Industrial

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1x6, 1x7, 1x8    ECB    Premium
1x6, 1x7, 1x8    ECB    Standard
1x6 & 1x8    WP4    Premium
1x4, 1x6, 1x8, 1x10    WP4    Standard
1x6 & 1x8    Pattern 106    Premium
1x6 & 1x8    Pattern 106    Standard
1x6, 1x8, 1x10, 1x12    Shiplap    Standard
1x6, 1x8, 1x10, 1x12    Shiplap    Premium
1x8, 1x10    Channel    Standard
1x6, 1x8, 1x10    WP11    Standard
1/2x6, 1/2x8    Bevel Siding    Premium
2x6 & 2x8    Log Cabin Siding    Standard
1x6-8′, 1x8-8′    Pickwick Paneling    Standard
1x13″ & Wider    S2S Flooring    Appearance

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prod_logo_durgin_crowellDurgin & Crowell Enhance

Enhance Advantages
Durgin and Crowell Lumber Co., founded in 1976, has grown to become one of New England’s largest manufacturers of kiln-dried Eastern White Pine lumber, annually producing up to 30 million board feet. Durgin and Crowell prides itself not only on the quality of its products, but also the quality of its people; from log purchasing, to manufacturing, to sales. Their hard work and attention to detail help deliver products and service that keep customers and end-users coming back.

Their modern sawmill facility is designed for maximum efficiency and output, but also allows the flexibility to cater to the diverse demands of a quality conscious customer base. Durgin and Crowell has a history of innovation, continually seeking new opportunities to grow and diversify its business. Enhance pre-coated pine paneling is just one example by which they have sought to add value to their pine lumber. Durgin and Crowell is a family business, and intends to remain that way for the future generations. It recognizes the importance a sustainable, long-term log supply. Therefore, Durgin and Crowell is a proud participant in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) sourcing program, seeking to promote and educate landowners and loggers about the benefits of sustainable forestry. For more information.

Enhance Advantagesproduct_enhance_paneling_

  • Profile sanding = more uniform surface coat
  • High Pressure Air Knife removes any dust
  • Vacuum Coater applies a uniform coating
  • UV curing eliminated any racking marks
  • 100% Solid Coating is free of harmful VOC’s
  • Denibing between coats eliminates raised grain
  • Second coat totally seals the board
  • Available in Natural, White Wash & Almond colors

Advanages of UV

  • More durable finish
  • More scratch resistant
  • More resistant to chemicals
  • More uniform gloss
  • Will yellow less
  • Less shrinkage
  • Easy to clean

1x6    ECB    Premium    6′, 8′
1x6    WP4    Premium    6′, 8′
1x6 & 1x8    ECB    Premium    6’ – 16’ Random Even Lengths
1x6 & 1x8    WP4    Premium    6’ – 16’ Random Even Lengths

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