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Incense Cedar


Incense Cedar

Incense Cedar has a wide range of qualities and uses and is highly rated in a majority of physical properties used to classify wood. These include natural durability, stability, shrinkage, checking, weathering, warping, insulation value and workability. Not to mention that its warmth, its natural beauty and even its aroma can turn a room into a haven of comfort and security. These are attributes recognized by Native Americans and the early settlers of the Northwest. In recent years, Incense Cedar has been marketed as Western Cedar. This caused many people to believe that Incense Cedar was no longer available. Now C&D Lumber is producing and marketing true Incense Cedar and has an ample supply to meet the demand that is sure to grow.

Warm & Aromatic

  • Incredible in its versatility, Incense Cedar can be used as paneling, decking, or timbers – all the while making a home feel warm and inviting.
  • It is beautiful sawn in rough and smooth surfaces.
  • Fine uniform texture.

Exterior Stability

  • Resists decay and stands up to high humidity and moisture. Other woods must be injected with oils or chemicals to match the natural longevity of our Incense Cedar.
  • Rates high in checking, weathering, warping, and insulation values.
  • Low shrinkage.
  • Incredible stability and durability.
  • Natural light color; excellent stain-holding properties or will turn to a silvery grey if left untreated.

Patterns / Siding

  • Manufactured in rough or smooth surfaces.
  • Perfect for interiors and exteriors.
  • Select tight knot grade.


Incense Cedar Decking & Accessories

logo_cdIncense Cedar Decking & Accessories

Stability, durability and a fine, uniform texture make Incense Cedar a popular choice for quality deck projects. Look to C&D’s line-up of Incense Cedar decking and accessories and you’ll be pleased to find:

  • A moisture content of just 15-19% for a dependable and stable material.
  • Always tight-knot, high-line, appearance-grade lumber.

5/4x6    8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′    Radius Edged

2x2    S4SEE    36″    Balusters
2x4    S4S    8′ & 12′
2x6    S4S    8′ & 12′
4x4    S4S    8′ & 10′

Pattern Stock:
1x6    WP4    6′-20′    REL
2x6    T&G    12′ & 16′    Loft Grade Roof Deck
2x8    S/L    6′-20′    REL Log Cabin Siding

It’s ironic, to say the least, to head for the outdoors and then spend it on a plastic deck. Especially when there’s Incense Cedar Decking. Smooth on the most tender toes, it’s as sweet and natural as the outdoors itself. And there’s no need for stains or harsh cleaners – it naturally resists decay. So get real. Choose Incense Cedar, and breathe deep.