Western Red Cedar


Western Red Cedar offers the advantages of natural beauty, design flexibility, exceptional dimensional stability and long term durability. Cedar has a long history of withstanding the rigors of time and weather. It is also a recognized structural material with known mechanical and physical properties.


For Technical Information visit: http://www.wrcla.org/ or visit: http://www.realcedar.org/


Grades of Western Red Cedar

Clear Grades: Clear cedar has a limited number of natural characteristics and is specified when appearance of the highest quality is desired. Clear grades of timbers are normally supplied green (unseasoned). When required, seasoning is achieved by air-drying.

Knotty Grades: Knotty cedar presents a more rustic appearance and is typically supplied green (unseasoned) in the appearance and structural grades. When required, seasoning is achieved by air-drying except for grades of Light Framing and Structural Joists and Planks which are available kiln-dried.

Surface Textures

Saw Textured: The saw textured surface, obtained during the milling process which uses either circular or band saws, is present on all four sides.

Rougher Headed: The lumber receives its texture from a milling process which uses roughened planer knives. The rough texture is clearly visible on all four sides.

Surfaced Four Sides (S4S): The smooth surface on all four sides presents a uniformly sized product with a high quality appearance. Sizes from 2x4 up to 6x6 are generally available. Larger sizes are produced on special orders.


KD Dimensions & Boards

KD Dimensions & Boards

1x4 through 1x12    8′-16′    S1S2E    Clear VG
1x4 through 1x12    8′-16′    S1S2E    C&Btr 10-15% D
1x4 through 1x12    8′-16′    S1S2E    STK

5/4x4 through 5/4x12    8′-16′    S1S2E    Clear VG

2x4 & 2x6    8′-16′    S4S    A&Btr
2x4 through 2x12    8′-20′    S4S    D&Btr
2x4 & 2x6    8′-20′    S4S    Premium Clear
2x4 & 2x6    8′-20′    S4S    Premium Select

4x4    8′, 10′, 12′    S4S    A&Btr
4x4    8′-16′    S4S Green    D&Btr
4x6    8′-16′    S4S    STK
6x6    8′-16′    S4S    STK
6x6    8′-16′    S4S    STK


KD Patterns

KD Patterns

1x6, 1x8, 1x10    8′-16′    Shiplap    STK
1x4, 1x6, 1x8    8′-16′    WP4-V4E    STK
1x4, 1x6, 1x8    8′-16′    WP4-V4E    A&Btr
1x8 & 1x10    8′-16′    Channel Rustic    STK
11/16x6 & 11/16x8    8′-16′    Bevel Siding    STK


KD Decking


5/4x6 8′-20′ Green RED STK
5/4x6 8′-20′ Dry RED STK




With all these sizes of timbers in both Knotty and Clear, we can fill any size orders. Our timbers come from Vancouver Island and are a blend of old growth and 2nd growth cedar. A dark, rich red color, they offer beauty andstrength and can be used in many different ways. We see many of them going into the outdoor patio application to offer partial shading pergolas.

We have milling capabilities to dress the product and resize the timber. Small orders can be accommodated.



Available in S4S or Rough

Clear S4S (8′-20′ lengths)
4x4 / 4x6

Clear S4S (10′ – 20′ lengths)
3x8 / 3x10 / 3x12
4x8 / 4x10 / 4x12

Clear Rough (10′ – 20′ lengths)
4x4 / 4x6 / 4x8 / 4x10 / 4x12
6x6 / 6x10 / 6x12
8x8 / 8x10 / 8x12 / 8x14 / 8x16 / 8x20
10x10 / 10x12 / 10x14 / 10x16 / 10x18
12x12 / 12x14 / 12x16 / 12x18 / 12x20

Knotty S4S (8’ – 24’ lengths)
4x4 / 4x6
6x6 / 6x8

Knotty Rough (8’ – 24’ lengths)
6x8 / 6x10
8x8 / 8x10 / 8x12

KD CVG Rough R/L
7/4x4 – 7/4x6 – 7/4x8
5/4x6 – 5/4x8

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4x4-96″    Clear Turned Porch Post
4x4-54″    Clear Turned Porch Post
4x4-54″    Clear S4S Post
4x4-54″    Clear Newel Post Ball Top
2x4 8′ & 12′    Clear Moulded Handrail
2x4 8′ & 12′    Clear Combo Handrail
2x2-36″    Clear Spindles
2x2-36″, 42″, 48″, 96″    Clear S4S EE Balusters

All W.W.P.A. patterns available by special order.
Large cedar timbers available by special order.


Pergola Stock

Pergola Stock

2X6, 2X8, 2X10, 2X12    16’ & 20’    STK