About Hood Distribution

Hood Distribution is a division of Hood Industries and is comprised of two business groups (McEwen Group and McQuesten Group), each with long, rich histories.

The company’s first distribution acquisition in 1995, McEwen Company, has come a long way since a 25 year old entrepreneur named Wooster McEwen founded it in 1899. Starting with the then princely sum of $2,000, Mr. McEwen began providing lumber products and establishing a reputation for service to the people of Asheville, North Carolina.

Through hard work and a solid reputation for quality, the company gradually established more operation sites: first in North Carolina, then nearby Virginia and eventually throughout the southeastern United States. From the days of true horse power, then through two world wars and a major economic depression, McEwen Lumber thrived with its high quality standards for both products and service.

Today, the McEwen Group stretches across the Southeast from North Carolina to Florida to Tennessee, and to points far west in Arizona. Although far greater in scope than even its founder might have dreamed, the McEwen Group hasn’t forgotten the ideals that made it successful. And, it’s those ideals that attracted Hood Industries in their purchase of the company in 1995.

The company’s next acquisition came in 1998, McQuesten Company. In the middle of the Nineteenth Century, George McQuesten began supplying lumber for builders of ships and houses in New England. Today, in the Twenty-First Century, McQuesten remains a strong and vibrant company, still providing high quality wood products to New England’s craftsmen through independent, retail dealers.


The times of George McQuesten were vastly different from today. Horse-drawn wagons and steam-powered sawmills have given way to eighteen wheelers and computer-guided milling operations. The old wooden whalers no longer sail the seas of the Atlantic, but McQuesten continues to bring to the market innvovative products that enhance the work of craftsmen and builders in the 21st Century.

What haven’t changed are McQuesten’s core values about excellence and service. It’s those values that continue to attract New England’s craftsmen. It’s also what attracted Hood Industries when they purchased the company in 1998.

In acquiring both McEwen and McQuesten, Hood Industries was looking for stability – and promise. Hood saw in both companies a kindred spirit – one that values satisfied, long-standing customers, and an eagerness to grow. Rather than meddle with proven success, Hood Distribution wants to build on this solid foundation provided by a century and a half worth of growth. The goal is simple – expand that circle of trust McEwen and McQuesten has built with its customers to an entirely new benchmark for success.

Doing that won’t be easy. The biggest challenge is in the mind – to begin thinking in a new way. But after achieving success in one of civilization’s most dynamic and revolutionary centuries, Hood Distribution is ready to meet that challenge.