About Hood Industries

Hood Industries Inc. is a blend of wood manufacturing and distribution concerns that include two plywood and three lumber manufacturing plants, and eighteen specialty wood product distribution operations, located in thirteen states serving the northeast, southeast and southwest United States.

After acquiring plywood manufacturing plants in Beaumont and Wiggins, Mississippi, these plants were merged these into one company in 1986, Hood Industries. The company continued to grow in the late 1980’s with the acquisition of two lumber manufacturing plants in Waynesboro, Mississippi and Coushatta, Louisiana. A third lumber plant was added in 2005 in Metcalfe, Georgia. With these plants, Hood Industries enjoyed phenomenal growth, particularly in the early 1990’s.

Because of this growth, the company decided to add broader strength to the company by balancing the manufacturing endeavors with acquisitions in the distribution industry. In 1995, they purchased the McEwen Company from International Paper. Then in 1998, Hood Industries had the opportunity to acquire another specialty distributor, this time in the New England area, the McQuesten Company.

Today, Hood Industries employs over 1,100 people through both its manufacturing and distribution divisions. While the two divisions have vastly different approaches and markets, they share a common mission: to provide our customers with the best combination of quality products and services, creating an enduring relationship based on value.

Visit Hood Industries website: www.HoodIndustries.com