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Cedar & Hemlock Bevel Siding

Cedar & Hemlock Bevel Siding

Hood Distribution is providing a complete one-stop shopping SOLUTION for your bevel siding needs. The Bevel Store is a new concept in the marketing of cedar and hemlock siding, offering you high quality products in the quantities that allow for a profitable inventory. We achieve this by drawing from the consistent quality of historic production methods, and viewing it from a current market perspective. Although we have not traditionally been part of the bevel siding market, with the creation of The Bevel Store we are answering your needs in the wood siding market.

Our Cedar comes from a mill that has been producing for the quality driven European specialty market. Due to the demands of that market the mill has perfected the way they produce their products. The fiber is chosen for a tighter and straighter grain. This allows the siding to be milled with a clean, smooth face and a clean, tight re-sawn back. It also has a true 3/8” tapered end that eliminates splintering and feathering. The units are a smaller, rackfriendly pack size of 2500 ft surface measure, and tallied 6’ to 20’ random odd and even lengths. It is available in Clear Vertical Grain Smooth and A Smooth in raw or primed, with1 coat of oil.

The primed finger-joint beveled CVG and A Smooth come in 2500 ft units with all 16 ft lengths. There are no trim backs in these units.
With the same care and attention given to the production of the Cedar bevel, a more economical Hemlock bevel can also be offered. Produced to the same exacting tolerances as the cedar; the Hemlock is available only in raw and primed random length CVG, which ensures the quality needed.


Random Length 6-20 ft 2500 sm/unit:
1/2×6 CVG Smooth1/2×6 A Smooth
1/2×8 CVG Smooth1/2×8 A Smooth
1/2×6 CVG Smooth Primed (Oil)1/2×6 A Smooth Primed (Oil)
1/2×6 A Rustics1/2×6 A Rustics Primed (Oil)
Primed Finger-Joint All 16 ft (No Trimbacks) 2500 sm/unit:
1/2×6 CVG Smooth1/2×6 A Smooth


Random Length 6-20 ft 2500 sm/unit:
1/2×5 CVG1/2×5 CVG Primed (Oil)
1/2×6 CVG1/2×6 CVG Primed (Oil)
3/4×10 CVG3/4×10 CVG Primed (Oil)