Decking & Flooring

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Unfinished and Pre-finished Oak hardwood flooring is readily available through many of our distribution facilities. Southern Yellow Pine flooring is also readily available in several sizes and patterns in both mixed and vertical grain. Other domestic and exotic hardwood flooring options are available through our efficient special order program. Special requests can also be accommodated through our custom milling capabilities where matches to existing flooring or historic recreations can be reproduced.


Ipe’ Decking & Accessories

Ipe’ is an ideal wood for a wide variety of exterior applications. It is extensively utilized in the construction of decks. However, Ipe’ is also utilized in the construction of docks, marinas, boardwalks, and the manufacture of outdoor furniture. Ipe’ decking and accessories are noted for their stability, strength, durability and inherent resistance to decay, wet conditions and insect infestation. Ipe’ also carries a Class A fire rating, the same rating that is given to steel and concrete. The heartwood is olive brown to black and contrasts dramatically in color to the yellow-gray to gray-brown sapwood.

Ipe’ is primarily available as 1X4 thru 1X10 eased four edges (E4E) boards, 5/4X4 and 5/4X6 E4E deck boards, 2X4 thru 2X10 dimensional stock, and 4X4 posts. It is commonly available in First European Quality (FEQ) and Common/Select grades. Accessories such as handrail and balusters are also readily available.