Exotic Hardwoods

Dark Red Meranti is an aesthetically pleasing lumber species commonly used for millwork, window and door applications as well as decking and related products. It’s durable, resists rot, is easy to work with and paints and stains equally well.

red meranti nelson deckingred meranti nelson

Red Meranti Decking & Patterns

1×4KD S4SEE8′-20′ REL
1×4KD S4SEE6′-20′ ROEL
1×4KD T&G6′-20′ ROEL
1×4KD ECB6′-20′ ROEL
5/4×4KD S4SEE6′-20′ ROEL
5/4×4KD T&G6′-20′ ROEL
1×6KD ECB6′-20′ ROEL
1×6KD T&G6′-20′ ROEL
5/4×6KD S4SEE8′-20′ REL
5/4×6KD S4SEE6′-20′ ROEL
Red Meranti Dimension & Boards
Blue Star Plus

Red Meranti Dimension & Boards

1×6KD S4S6′-20′ ROEL
1×8KD S4S6′-20′ ROEL
1×10KD S4S6′-20′ ROEL
1×12KD S4S6′-20′ ROEL
2×4KD S4S6′-20′ ROEL
2×4KD S4S8′, 10′, 12′, 16′
2×6KD S4S6′-20′ ROEL
2×6KD S4S8′, 10′, 12′, 16′
2×8KD S4S6′-20′ ROEL
2×10KD S4S6′-20′ ROEL
2×12KD S4S6′-20′ ROEL
5/4×8KD S4S6′-20′ ROEL
5/4×10KD S4S6′-20′ ROEL
5/4×12KD S4S6′-20′ ROEL

Nelson Elite Decking

Nelson Elite decking is the first choice for any job that requires a superior finish, natural durability, and long lasting performance. Fine landscape architecture demands the highest quality material. With a rich natural beauty and legendary hardness is not easily found in other decking material, Nelson Elite is the natural answer for exterior decking applications. Nelson Elite Decking is what other products try to emulate.

Link: https://www.nelsoninternational.com/

Red Meranti Accessories

2×2S4S EE36″, 48″, 96″
3×3S4S EE36″
2×2Primed S4SEE36″
2×2Primed Spindles36″
2×38′, 10′, 12′Coldwell Sub Rail
2×48′, 10′, 12′Top Rail
2×48′, 10′, 12′Bottom Rail
2×48′, 10′, 12′Combo Rail
2×48′, 10′, 12′Coldwell Victorian Rail
2×48′, 10′, 12′Coldwell Colonial Rail
2×48′, 10′, 12′Coldwell Bottom Rail
2×68′, 12′Top Rail
4×4S4SEE4′, 5′, 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′
4×8Clear Heavy Duty Privacy Square
4×8Clear Heavy Duty Privacy Diagonal
Post Caps:
4×4 & 6×6Pyramid
4×4 & 6×6Classic Flat Top


Ipe’ is often the species of choice when it comes to hardwood decking. However, Ipe’ is also utilized in the construction of docks, marinas, boardwalks, and the manufacture of outdoor furniture. Ipe’ decking and accessories are noted for their stability, strength, durability, and inherent resistance to decay, wet conditions and insect infestation. Ipe’ also carries a Class A fire rating, the same rating that is given to steel and concrete. Kiln dried (KD) as opposed to air dried (AD) Ipe’ decking components are stocked and distributed by Hood Distribution – The McQuesten Group. KD Ipe’ reduces the tendency of the material to shrink, warp, cup, or mildew in the dark, damp areas of application. The heartwood is olive brown to black and contrasts dramatically in color to the yellow-gray to gray-brown sapwood.Ipe’ decking will gradually age from its natural rich red-brown color to a fine silver-grey. It will fully maintain its structural integrity as it ages. To retain the original rich red-brown color, we recommend a high quality penetrating oil finish with UV blockers to be applied.
1×4S4S EE Decking8′-20′ REL
1×4S4S EE “Groove on Groove” Decking8′-20′ REL
1×6S4S EE Decking8′-20′ REL
1×6S4S EE “Groove on Groove” Decking8′-20′ REL
5/4×4S4S EE Decking8′-20′ REL
5/4×4S4S EE “Groove on Groove” Decking8′-20′ REL
5/4×6S4S EE Decking8′-20′ REL
5/4×6S4S EE “Groove on Groove” Decking8′-20′ REL