Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)

Hood_FSC_LOGO_finalThe Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that promotes responsible stewardship of the world’s forests. The FSC permits accredited, independent third party organizations to grant FSC certification to forest managers and forest-product producers. In order to receive FSC certification, forest managers and forest-product producers must meet FSC standards which support and reinforce social, environmental, and indigenous interests. FSC certifiable forest management must maintain the biodiversity of the forest, sustain and reinforce long term benefits of natural resources, and protect potentially effected ecosystems.

Benefits provided by the FSC include:

  • International recognition for forest management efforts to protect native
  • Assurance that future generations will enjoy the benefits of forests
  • Assurance that all wildlife is protected
  • Assurance that land ownership and workers’ rights are respected
  • Assurance that wood is harvested from areas that are low risk for illegal logging
  • Market recognition of the FSC trademark
  • Interaction among forest owners and environmental organizations

Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification is the portion of the FSC system that includes distributors, building supply stores, cabinet makers, millworkers, furniture builders, and contractors. CoC certification sets guidelines for this industry, in buying, storing, remanufacturing, and selling FSC certified products ensuring their credibility.

The FSC is one of the only internationally recognized, standard-setting organizations in forest management. The FSC is recognized in 145 countries due to its unique dedication to social, environmental, and industrial interest through it standards for responsible forest stewardship. The system requires annual controls of each forest management operation and:

  • Restricts the use of hazardous pesticides
  • Prohibits cultivation of genetically modified trees
  • Avoids illegally harvested wood that is in violation of traditional and civil rights; from conservation areas; from the conversion of natural forests or from genetically altered trees.

For more information on the Forest Stewardship Council or any of the current GREEN initiatives or organizations; please reference the “Green Resources” portion of this site. Hood Distribution is FSC CoC certified and looks forward to helping support your GREEN building needs.