MDF Moulding from TLC Mouldings

MDF Moulding from TLC MouldingsTLC Mouldings

Harmony Mouldings are made from the finest Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and available in a wide variety of profiles featuring quality vacuum coated primers. Unlike traditional wood mouldings, MDF is free of splits, knots and torn grain. Harmony Mouldings will not warp or twist.

*Stocking profiles vary by market.

Primed MDF Mouldings
#551: 9/16×3-1/4″ Crown
#549: 9/16″x3-5/8″ Crown
#548: 9/16″x4-1/4″ Crown
#599: 5/8″x4-1/2″ Crown
#547: 9/16″x4-5/8″ Crown
#506: 5/8″x5″ Crown
#525: 3/4″x5″ Crown
#575: 3/4″x5″ Crown
#545: 9/16″x5-1/4″ Crown
#500: 1-1/8″x5-5/16″ Crown
#612: 9/16×5-1/2″ Crown
#555: 18mmx5-5/8″ Crown
#561: 1″x6″ Crown
#665: 9/16″x6-1/4″ Crown
#602: 1″x6-3/8″ Crown
#502: 3/4″x6-5/8″ Crown
#504: 11/16″x7″ Crown
#508: 9/16″x7-1/4″ Crown
#577: 3/4″x7-1/4″ Crown
#542: 1″x7-1/4″ Crown
#603: 1″x7-1/4″ Crown
#608: 1″x7-1/4″ Crown
#562: 1-1/4″x7-1/4″ Crown
#677: 3/4″x7-3/4″ Crown
#528: 3/4″x8″ Crown
#513: 1-1/8″x8″ Crown
#521: 1-1/4″x8-1/2″ Crown
#356: 9/16″x2-1/4″ Casing
#376: 5/8″x2-1/4″ Casing
#344: 9/16″x3-1/4″ Casing
#345: 11/16″x3-1/4″ Casing
#399: 3/4″x3-1/4″ Casing
#211: 9/16″x3-1/2″ Casing
#203: 1″x3-1/2″ Casing
#234: 1-3/16″x4″ Casing
#304: 1-1/4″x4-1/16″ Casing#490: 11/16″x2-5/8″ Chair Rail
#494: 1″x3-1/2″ Chair Rail#023: 1/2″x3-1/4″ & 5-1/4″ Base
#023: 9/16″x3-1/4″, 4-1/4″ & 5-1/4″ Base
#066: 9/16″x3-1/4″ Base
#010: 1/2″x5-1/4″ & 7-1/4″ Base
#025: 9/16″x5-1/4″ Base
#112: 9/16″x5-1/4″ Base
#027: 9/16″x5-1/4″ & 7-1/4″ Base
#028: 9/16″x5-1/4″ & 7-1/4″ Base
#180: 9/16″x5-1/4″ Base
#092: 9/16″x7-1/4″ Base
#118: 15mmx7-1/4″ Base
#002: 11/16″x5-1/4″ & 7-1/4″ Base
#002: 3/4″x5-1/4″ & 8-11/16″ Base
#185: 3/4″x5-1/2″ Base#921: 5/8″x5-1/4″ & 6-1/4″ Stool#700: 11/16×4-9/16″ Door Jamb


Solid Wood Mouldings & Patterns

Solid Wood Mouldings & Patterns

A variety of popular profiles of crowns, shelf edges, scribes, and accent mouldings are available in Alder, Birch, Cherry, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Red Oak, and Poplar.

1 x 4 & 1 x 6 T&G Flooring, V-joint and Beaded Ceiling is available in D-Select Southern Yellow Pine and Cypress.

*Stocking profiles vary by market.



Fulterer Drawer Slides

S4S Material

1×4 thru 1×12 R/L S4S Boards
(Available in Poplar & Cypress)

1×4 thru 1×12 Random Even Length
2×6 thru 2×12 Random Even Length
C& Better Southern Yellow Pine S4S Boards

1×4 thru 1×8 Random Even Lengths
2×4 thru 2×12 Random Even Lengths
C&Better Southern Yellow Pine S4S Boards
Treated & Kiln Dried after Treatment (KDAT)

1×4 thru 1×8 Random Even Length
#2 Grade Southern Yellow Pine S4S Boards

1×12 Random Even Lengths
Standard & Supreme Grade
Eastern White Pine S4S Boards

1×12 Random Even Lengths
#2 Common Ponderosa Pine
S4S Boards

1×4 thru 1×12 Select Finger Joint Pine
S4S Boards

1×2 thru 1×12 Primed Radiata Pine
Finger Joint S4S Boards

1×4 thru 1×12 Random Even Length
#2&Better Spruce S4S Boards

3/4″ & 11/16″x3-1/2″, 5-1/2″, 7-1/4″, 9-1/4″ & 11-1/4″
Primed MDF S4S Boards


Cabinet Facing

Cabinet Facing

13/16″x1-1/2″ thru 3″ Random Length
Hardwood Facing (Available in: Alder, Birch, Cherry Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Red Oak, & Poplar)

*Stocking sizes and species vary by market.




Cabinet Facing

Drawer Sides

Hood Distribution knows that shop time is valuable and each component that can be purchased in a ready-to-use format saves time and money on every project. Ready-made drawer sides allow you to reduce your costs and construction time. Premanufactured drawer sides allow you to simply cut to your custom lengths, assemble around a bottom and join the corners to complete a drawer.

1/2″ pre-finished and edge-banded Maple and Birch plywood drawer sides are available in a variety of widths and 8′ length in both dado and smooth configurations.

1/2″ White Vinyl Drawer Sides in 4″ thru 10″ widths

Unfinished SOLID WOOD Soft Maple drawer sides are available in 5/8″x4″ thru 10″ dimensions


Cabinet Facing

Custom Moulding Profiles

Custom moulding profiles of any size and run length can be accommodated for your specific job or manufacturing application. Hood Distribution has agreements in place with select supply as well as customer partners to manufacture quality moulding at competitive prices. This is accomplished due to the fact that we control not only the source, quality, and cost of the raw material, but also the material yield. Let us assist you in taking the guess-work out of custom profiles. Please contact your sales representative for further details.