ShakertownShakertown Shingle from Hood Distribution

The Shakertown® Craftsman 1-Course Cedar Shingle Panel is the newest development from the company that brought you the original cedar shingle panel. Manufactured using only the finest Western Red Cedar vertical-grain heartwood, the Shakertown Craftsman Panel features a full plywood back, a thick 3/8″ shingle butt and over-locking end-joints for a seamless appearance.

Shakertown Craftsman Panels go up 6 times faster than individual shingles and can be installed with a pneumatic nailer. The blind/concealed nailing creates a true, traditional shingle appearance. The panels are 8′ long and available in an exposure size of 7″ and 4-1/2″. Shakertown Craftsman Panels are constructed with a classic keyway joint or tight contemporary joint between shingles. With the rising cost of the individual R&R’s, the gap per square on material cost has narrowed considerably and when you factor in labor and waste, Shakertown Craftsman Panel is the real winner. The redesigned single course panel with the concealed nailing full plywood back and shiplap over-locking end-joint has finally answered any of the field application concerns. Keep in mind the ability to prestain, custom color or primer the 8′ panels with no concerns of coverage and dripping that you had with the 2 or 3 course panels. Craftsman Shingle Panels from Hood Distribution





Iko IKO Shingles from Hood Distribution

Cambridge 30 AR: Premium architectural shingle. Provides durability, low maintenance and the great looks of a shakelike appearance at a very attractive price. Cambridge 30 AR carries a limited 30-year warranty.

Cambridge LT: Laminated fiberglass asphalt shingles. Their extraordinary dimensional thickness creates a highdefinition, natural “shake” look and profile. Cambridge LT carries a limited lifetime warranty.

Marathon Ultra AR: Traditional 3-tab design shingles are a perennial favorite due to their reliability and proven track record. Marathon Ultra AR carries a limited 30-year warranty.

AM Heavy Duty Metric: AM No. 30 lb Metric: Heavyweight, saturated felt paper. Organic asphalt composition.

Leading Edge: Shingle Starter Strip. Installs along the eaves and rakes giving you a straight guide for laying the first course of shingles and trimming the overlying courses. The sealant strip along their bottom edge creates a tight seal to protect shingle ends against wind damage and reduce shingle blow-offs.

Hip and Ridge: Heavy weight shingle composited of a resilient, inorganic glass base that is coated and permeated with additional weather-resistance asphalt. As a perforated, four-piece, traditional hip and ridge shingle, it provides the assurance of long-lasting performance and is surfaced with ceramic colored granules, which protect the asphalt from ultraviolet radiation.

ArmourGard Ice & Water Protector: Used for waterproofing under shingled roofs preventing water penetration due to ice dams or wind-driven rain. It can also be used as an underlayment around chimneys, dormers, vent stacks, skylights and other roof-top structures or apertures, around doors and windows, and as an exterior vapor barrier for foundations and basements.

GoldShield Ice & Water Protector: A superior self-adhesive membrane, protected by a silicone treated release sheet that’s easily removed during application. It is surfaced with a unique treated film to provide a non-slip surface. Ideal for waterproofing purposes under shingled roofs and specifically for protecting potential ice dam areas. It can also be installed around vent stacks, dormers and other roof-top structures.

Roof-Fast Base MA: Is constructed using an inorganic reinforcing mat of durable, high strength non-woven glass fibers, which is coated and impregnated with SBS modified bitumen. The surface is covered with a thin poly-film, while the underside is sanded to prevent sticking in the roll. Roof-Fast Base MA can only be used as the base sheet in a Roof-Fast system.

Roof-Fast Cap: Is a low-slope roofing material that combines the polymer chemistry of commercial grade modified bitumen membranes with the self-adhesive characteristics of an ice and water protector and the beauty of a granule surfaced shingle.



Eastern White Cedar Shingles

Eastern White Cedar Shingles SBC Cedar Shingles from Hood Distribution

With its numerous properties (e.g. decay resistance, high insulation, lightness, etc.) white cedar (thuya occidentalis) is the ideal choice for roofing or exterior siding. Its natural oils protect against mold, moisture and insects, thereby ensuring a longer life. Cedar shingles age beautifully, even when left untreated. They enhance the beauty of a home while blending perfectly with other natural materials such as stone and brick.

SBCs High End Regular Eastern White Cedar Shingles features smoother Faces & Butts, wider shingles, 5″ exposure, more consistent thicknesses and a consistent mill source.

Eastern White Cedar Shingles are available in four grades, each having its own distinctive features and applications:

Grade: Extra “A”
Characteristics: Top Grade – No Imperfections
Uses: Roofing & Siding

Grade: Clear “B”
Characteristics: Select Grade – No imperfections on exposed surface (up to 6″)
Uses: Siding

Grade: 2nd Clear “C”
Characteristics: Economy grade. Some sound knots on exposed surface.
Uses: Siding (Rustic Appearance)

Grade: Utility “D”
Characteristics: Lowest Grade – Various imperfections
Uses: Multipurpose: undercourse, shims (10/10, shims)

1-1/2 Shims
10/10 Utility Undercourse
16″ Extras, Clears, 2nd Clears and Extra R&R
Special Stain Colors available



Western Red Cedar Shingles

Western Red Cedar Shingles

Shingles and shakes produced from Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) have long been the premier wood roofing material of North America. The majority of cedar roofs remain untreated and are known to provide excellent service.

NO. 1 Blue Label: The premium grade of shingles for roofs and sidewalls. These top-grade shingles are 100% heartwood, 100% clear and 100% edge-grain.

NO. 2 Red Label: A good grade for many applications. Not less than 10″ clear on 16″ shingles, 11″ clear on 18″ shingles and 16″ clear on 24″ shingles. Flat grain and limited sapwood are permitted in this grade.

NO. 1 Handsplit & Resawn: These shakes have split faces and sawn backs. Cedar logs are first cut into desired lengths. Blanks or boards of proper thickness are split and then run diagonally through a bandsaw to produce two tapered shakes from each blank.

NO. 1 Tapersplit: Produced largely by hand, using a sharp-bladed steel froe and a mallet. The natural shingle-like taper is achieved by reversing the block, end-for-end, with each split.

Certi-Guard Fire Retardant Cedar Shakes and Shingles: No. 1 Certigrade shingles and No. 1 Certi-Split shakes are available pressure-impregnated with fire-retardants and meet testing standards developed by Underwriters Laboratories and adapted by the National Fire Protection Association. Certi-Guard may be used for Class A, B and C roof systems.

18″ #1 R&R, #1 Perfections, #1 Pressure Treated Perfections, #1 Primed Gray
18″ #2 R&R, #2 Perfections
24″ 1/2-3/4 Medium Handsplits, 3/4-5/4 Heavy Handsplits