EX-Cel Exterior PVC Trim

EX-Cel Exterior PVC TrimEX-Cel Exterior PVC Trim

EX-Cel is available in smooth or wood grain texture and can be bent for curved applications. Does not have to be painted and will never rot, crack or deteriorate even in high moisture applications. Through a unique bonding process, the broadest and richest color palette ever developed for cellular PVC is offered. Durability is achieved through a unique surface technology developed in conjunction with Sherwin-Williams. The water-based, solar-reflective coating is extremely durable and will not peel, crack or chip. This finish protects the PVC against UV exposure so that it never warps or twists in the sun. EXCel carries a 25 year warranty on both the material and the finish. Trim: 1” & 5/4 thicknesses, 3” – 12” widths, 18’ lengths, smooth & wood grain Corner Board: 1” & 5/4 thicknesses, 4” & 6” widths, 20’ lengths, smooth & wood grain Sheet: ½” – 5/4 thicknesses, lengths from 8’ to 20’, smooth & wood grain Moulding: Multiple profiles and shapes available Link: http://www.excelbyjain.com


Greenguard Raindrop 3D Housewrap

Greenguard Raindrop 3D Housewrap Raindrop Housewrap from Hood Distribution

  • With the emphasis on moisture managed wall systems, the first cross woven housewrap branded as Raindrop was developed.
  • GreenGuard® RainDrop™ is the first ever housewrap with drainage channels that actually move water away from the wall allowing potentially harmful moisture to exit the wall. It is good for all types of siding including brick and stucco.
  • In addition to providing superior drainage, RainDrop is an air and moisture infiltration barrier. By preventing air and moisture from penetrating the wall cavity, RainDrop preserves the energy efficiency of your home.
  • RainDrop’s unique construction allows the product to “breathe” so that potentially harmful moisture vapor can escape the wall cavity.
  • RainDrop is lightweight, so it is easy to handle; translucent, which makes it easy to locate studs, edges, corners, and openings; can be nailed or stapled; and the green color reduces glare, making it easy to work with on bright, sunny days.
  • The last unique property is its cost,which does not differ greatly from that of traditional house wrap.
  • Available in 9×125 rolls.

Link: http://www.green-guard.com


REX SynFelt

REX SynFelt REX SynFelt from Hood Distribution

Manufactured from pellet to the roll.

Cost will reflect substantial savings over competition!

  • 100% Polypropylene
  • Most slip resistant in the industry due to a proprietary formulation and unique walking pattern.
  • 28 lbs per roll – 10 times lighter per square than 30# roofing felt.
  • 10 squares per roll – 48″ wide x 250 lineal feet
  • 5 squares per roll – 48″ wide x 125 lineal feet
  • 20 times stronger than felt. Highest cross directional tear resistance in the industry.
  • Can be left exposed for up to 6 months with no degrading
  • 25 year warranty
  • Lays flat and is water resistant. Superior drapability in valleys, on ridges and hips.
  • Preprinted nailing pattern and overlap lines to speed installation.
  • Class A fire rating.
  • Saves up to 50% time in labor installation.

Link: http://www.rex-synfelt.com



Yardcrafters Yardrcrafters from Hood Distribution

Safety & Style!

Yardcrafters Railing Systems are engineered to exceed the most demanding requirements in the toughest building codes. Top and bottom rails are reinforced with structural grade galvanized steel (to ASTM A653). The result: a safe, sturdy and reliable railing system. Where accessibility is required, Yardcrafters Continuous Handrail provides an ergonomic, 1-1/2″ diameter secondary gripping surface that meets all ADA and building code requirements for both residential and commercial uses.


  • 6′, 8′ & 10′ Top & Bottom Rail & Baluster Kits
  • 36″, 42″, 60″, 96″ & 120″ Universal Posts
  • 5×5 Structural Colonial Porch Post
  • 36″ & 42″ Square Balusters & Colonial Spindles
  • 6′ & 8′ Top & Bottom Stair Rail & Baluster Kits
  • 36″ Square Stair Balusters & Colonial Stair Spindles
  • Post Trim & Post Caps

Link: http://www.amerimax.com


Styrotech Foundation Coatings

Styrotech Foundation Coatings Styrotech Foundation Coatings

Foundation Insulation Systems

FLEXCOAT – Pre-Mixed Brush or Spray on Coating

  • FlexCoat is a pre-mixed, pre-colored, 100% acrylic, ready to use foundation insulation coating. Just pop the top and start brushing on this specially formulated coating.
  • FlexCoat is easy to apply with a brush and is highly flexible with excellent resistance to cracking, peeling or flaking.
  • FlexCoat bonds not only to rigid polystyrene insulation but also to brick, block, drywall, plywood and concrete.
  • FlexCoat cleans up easily with soap and water.
  • FlexCoat comes in three premixed colors: White, Lite Gray, and Foundation Gray. Custom colors are also available upon request. (Brush & mesh tape sold separately)

Brush On Coating Kit ST (Just add water)

The Brush On Coating Kit ST brings with it all the years of solid performance of the Original Brush On Coating Kit. By incorporating a high performance dry polymer which is already blended into the dry mix, Brush On Coating Kit ST has a better bond to the polystyrene. Now you can just add water and start brushing on your coating. This new formula does not have to be kept from freezing during storage. Ready to use kit!

Link: http://www.styro.net/





Hidfast Hidfast from Hood Distribution

Patented, Collated, Stainless Steel, Hidden Fastener Decking System Don’t be left out in the cold on your hands and knees, wishing for a better way… It’s here! All other hidden deck fasteners are installed by hand, ONE piece at a time. They ALL require nails or screws to secure them, also handled ONE at a time. HIDfast is the fastest, easiest way to get a fastener free surface for a lasting, beautiful appearance. Patented, worry-free stainless steel fasteners are collated for easy handling and quick loading. Patent pending pneumatic tool delivers precise, consistent, effortless installation.

  • Can install 8 boards 8 feet long in a little over 3 minutes – That can be up to 80% faster than conventional screws!
  • No visible fasteners on the surface of the decking for better appearance.
  • No surface fasteners that may pop up.
  • No surface penetrations that allow water in, causing rot, splitting & cracking.
HIDfast Air Driven Decker Tool #1000047
HF2.5 – 1/8″ spacer(175 pcs (100 sf)/box) (4 boxes/case)
HF2.5WG – 1/4″ spacer(175 pcs (100 sf)/box) (4 boxes/case)
HF2.75TG(175 pcs (100 sf)/box) (4 boxes/case)
HF3 – 1/8″ spacer(175 pcs (100 sf)/box) (4 boxes/case)
HF3W – 1/4″ spacer(175 pcs (100 sf)/box) (4 boxes/case)