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King Plastic Corporation pioneered the first marine-grade polymer sheet, King StarBoard®, which remains the dominant brand in the marine industry today. They began as a small, family enterprise, but now employ more than 120 employees manufacturing polymer products around the clock for worldwide distribution. King Plastics now produces dozens of breakthrough products for a wide variety of industries, from food service to signage to cabinetry to commercial casework. Hood Distribution and King Plastics have partnered in an effort to bring more exposure to the products that are relevant to our industry.

product_starboard_stStarboard ST: King StarBoard® ST is a special, high-density polyethylene sheet that provides a scratch-resistant surface for many applications. A unique and advanced polymer makes the material almost 25% stronger than the original King StarBoard®. High scratch-resistance makes it especially appropriate in the construction of cabinets and furniture. Also, its high strength and stiffness make it desirable for applications where less structural support is available. ST is environmentally stabilized and has been developed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. It can be used in wet areas that need to be washed often for cleaning, or are regularly exposed to moisture. It can be fabricated using common woodworking tools and techniques. This product has become extremely popular in the construction of outdoor kitchens and furniture associated with outdoor living spaces.

Starboard ST is readily available in 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″x48″x96″ sheet sizes and nine standard colors (Black, White, Evergreen, Seafoam, Mocha Brown, Sanshade, Everglade, Dolphin Gray and Charcoal Gray). Other thicknesses, sheet sizes and specialty colors are available through special order.


product_starboard_antimAntimicrobial: King MicroShield® polymer sheets use the latest technology for protecting the product surface against stain and odor causing bacteria, algae and fungi.

Disclaimer: This product does not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria. Always clean this product thoroughly after each use.




product_starboard_colorKing ColorCore® & King ColorBoard®: King ColorCore® is a versatile, environmentally stabilized sheet with multiple layers of contrasting color. Its thin cap layers and bright, primary colors make it ideal for sign, marine, playground and recreational applications. The sheets are easy to engrave and machine, as the cap is approximately ten percent of nominal thickness for high production speeds. King ColorBoard® is a high density polyethylene sheet that is environmentally stabilized for outdoor use. Its bright, primary colors make it ideal for sign, industrial, marine, playground and recreational applications. King ColorBoard® is environmentally stabilized and will never fade or discolor in direct sunlight and you never have to worry about delamination, rotting or warping.

ColorCore and ColorBoard are available through special order in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and sheet sizes.


product_starboard_plastiKing Plasti-Bal® Partitions: King Plasti-Bal® is a heavy-duty, waterproof, aesthetically attractive, graffiti resistant, easy to clean, HDPE board designed for commercial architectural applications as well as other various industrial applications. This product is ideal for bathroom partitions, vanity & counter tops, and benches & shower enclosures.

Plasti-Bal is available through special order in five standard colors and sheet sizes of 1″x55.5″x144″. All these products contribute towards LEED credits in LEED for new construction, LEED for commercial interiors, LEED for homes, LEED for schools and Green Guild for Health Care.



Okoume Plywood, Marine GradeJoubert Plywood

Born from a long industrial family tradition, the Joubert Group today, is renowned on the international plywood market for the excellence of its products. This is an Okoume throughout plywood panel with selected cores and in compliance with the English norm BS1088 Lloyd’s Register Type Approved, marine ply recommended for nautical construction and boat furnishings. It has a wonderful lightness and an excellent resistance to damp conditions (Class 3 gluing) which enables it to meet the specific demands of naval construction. It can be used structurally (for example) in the making of boat hulls, often with the use of fiberglass and epoxy resin. It also can be used for interior furnishings thanks to the numerous finishing possibilities.

6mm Joubert Marine 1088
9mm Joubert Marine 1088
12mm Joubert Marine 1088
18mm Joubert Marine 1088
25mm Joubert Marine 1088


In materials, the BS 1088 specification is a marine plywood spec that applies to plywood produced with untreated tropical hardwood veneers that have a set level of resistance to fungal attack. The plies are bonded with WBP glue which has been proven to be highly resistant to weather, micro-organisms, cold and boiling water, steam and dry heat. Face and core requirement are stringent and the moisture content of the panel must be between 6% and 14% when it leaves the factory. Although the initials BS are for “British Standard”, the finished product does not have to be “British made”. The standard is associated with Lloyd’s of London since it performs testing of products to this standard.

6mm Marine 1088
9mm Marine 1088
12mm Marine 1088


Meranti Plywood, Marine Grade

Aquatek is a multi ply marine plywood where both the face and inner plies are constructed of whole piece, color matched, Meranti veneers. This panel is manufactured to the British Standard 6566 (BS 6566). The use of slightly thicker core veneers allows this panel to be competitively priced while still being produced to a British Marine plywood standard. Aquatek has good machining, nailing and screw holding properties and is easily stained and glued.

6mm Aquatek
9mm Aquatek
12mm Aquatek
18mm Aquatek



Fir Plywood, Marine Grade Joubert PlywoodJoubert Plywood

MarineTech 4’x8′ veneer core panels are designed for rigorous marine use with superior “B”  grade faces that have no open holes or defects. Panels are fully sanded with 60 grit paper (S1S – sanded one side, S2S – sanded both sides). These panels feature Plum Creek’s High-Integrity Ultra-Core construction that provides composed cross-bands for tight core gap tolerances that are more stringent than APA and industry specs. One side panels have a high “C” grade back to provide minimal knot holes and splits. Two side panels have a “B” plugged back to provide no open knot holes or defects. Interior cores are one piece high “C” grade. Larger panel sizes and tongue & groove (5/8th and thicker) panels are available through special order.

1/4″ MarineTech S1S & S2S
3/8″ MarineTech S1S & S2S
1/2″ MarineTech S1S & S2S
5/8″ MarineTech S1S & S2S
3/4″ MarineTech S1S & S2S
1″ MarineTech S1S


4’x8′ veneer core full thickness panels constructed of slow growth inland Douglas Fir and Western Larch to yield fine-grained, smooth faces. All back and inner plies are a “B” grade or better and will be full length. The edges of the panel will not have any cross-band gaps or edge splits in excess of 1/8″. Larger panel sizes and tongue & groove (5/8th and thicker) panels are available through special order.

1/4″ A-B
3/8″ A-B
1/2″ A-B
3/4″ A-B
1″ A-B


Fir Plywood

15/32″ A-C
23/32″ A-C 4×8 & 61×121
31/32″ B-C
23/32″ A-C 4×8 & 4×10 Fire Treated




Roseburg-Logo_C_VBoatPly was developed by Hood Distribution and Roseburg Forest Products for use in industrial applications for the Marine Industry. BoatPly uses Doug Fir or Radiata Pine 1-piece faces that have no open knots or defects. The panels are fully sanded with 60 grit paper. The core uses a High “C” grade veneer with tight gap tolerances. The Backs use a “C” grade veneer with no more than dime size defects that have been repaired with wood putty. This panel uses more stringent tolerances than APA grade rules for superior strength in the Marine Construction industry.

1/4” 4×8 BoatPly VC S1S & S2S
3/8” 4×8 BoatPly VC S1S & S2S
1/2” 4×8 BoatPly VC S1S & S2S
5/8” 4×8 BoatPly VC S1S & S2S
3/4” 4×8 BoatPly VC S1S & S2S
3/4” 4×10 BoatPly VC S1S
1” 4×8 BoatPly VC S1S





kerfkore logoA full line of patented bendable substrates, lightweight structural panels and architectural panels. These products allow for the creation of numerous designs that open the opportunity to produce curves and innovative products as vast as your imagination. No matter what type of curve or lightweight needs you have, this is a product that can provide quicker results that are more accurate, with higher quality, and easier to fabricate than traditional methods.





Fir, MDO

Primed panels are available through special order. Medium Density Overlay (MDO) is a preferred product for sign making applications.

3/8″ MDO 1-side, Raw (Unprimed)
1/2″ MDO 1-side & 2-side, Raw (Unprimed)
3/4″ MDO 1-side & 2-side, Raw (Unprimed)



Import Birch with White Liner, Cabinet Liner

The panels, primarily utilizing a veneer core Chinese Birch or Sande substrate, have a thin white laminate sheet pressed to one or both sides. These panels are great for cabinet box construction (leaving a clean, white interior) or closet systems in applications where performance over a particle board core or MDF core melamine is desired.

5.2mm Liner 1-side
12mm Liner 1-side & 2-side
15mm Liner 1-side & 2-side
18mm and 3/4″ (Domestic) Liner 1-side & 2-side





Pine (Southern Yellow) Plywood, T1-11


5/8″ 4″, 8″ & 12″ On-Center Grooves, Premium Grade
Great for shed and out-building applications.